Part 1 of The 3rd Episode of A New Life (TV Series)



Igor Luan as Igor

Jenell Brook Slack as Sophie the Otter

Jo Armeniox as Shauna

Jim Cummings as King Kool

? as MC Adore

? as Elijah

? as Computer Combot

(Igor's Note: Please Help.)



[MC Adore Wakes Up]

MC Adore: Yawn...This place is good.


[Igor Wakes Up, Sees MC Adore Outside]

Igor: Hey MC Adore!


[Zan wakees up from the hospital]

Zan: Ugh... I'm never going near the fourth wall ever again...

Shauna: [Wakes up] Isn't it today when the dust bunnies come?

Shrek: (wakes up) time 2 make sum onions sun

KingKool720: [Wakes up to the sound of an irritating alarm clock. He throws it across his condo room]

KingKool720: "Time to make breakfast." [Cooks pancakes and adds syrup]

Elijah: I'm awake, so what?

Zan: So... What's the report for my head?

Doctor: Well, it recovered with no explanation other than the storyline wants you in the episode.

Zan: Alrighty then. [Leaves the Hospital and returns to the building] Hi guys. I'm back.

Sophie: (wakes up from bed along with her boyfriend Preston Evergreen) "Good morning, Preston!"

Preston: "I rose, and I shone!"

Sophie: "OK. How about a quick, fun shower? It doesn't compare to the baths you used to take back at the Sylvanian Forest."

Preston: "Hmmm, better check it out...."

[The two go into a bathroom and see a shower bathtub combo]

Preston: "That hose-like faucet looks like a streetlight!"

Sophie: "Yeah, yeah. Let's be serious and hop in. And remember Preston, remove your clothes!"

Preston: "Aye-Aye, Sophie!" (they remove their articles of clothing and get in the shower-bathtub combo)

[Sophie turns on the shower faucet as water is sprayed onto the two's heads]

Preston: "Is it an elephant? Is it my dad's sprinkler? No! It's a shower head! Where is the shower foot?"

Sophie: (groans) "I said, serious!"

KingKool720: "There's nothing good on TV. This is horse crap!"

Shrek: ye, dis t.v sucks sun!

Zan: I don't really watch TV anymore, unless it's Doctor Who, so I don't really care.

[Cut to Sophie and Preston hopping out of the shower-bath combo]

Sophie: (as she and Preston dry off with towels) "That was splendid!"

Preston: "Yeah, right."

Sophie: "I'll get my shoes on!"

Preston: "And my shirt and pants."

Igor: [looks at mc adore] Hmm..Hi Adore.

KingKool720: "I'm gonna take a shower. Oh, and I hope Igor doesn't do something you-know-who-related."

(He takes off his clothes offscreen. A shower faucet starting is heard)

Zan: [Looks out window] Looks very nice outside. I might go for a run!

Igor: Hm...I dunno i should do with Adore.

Igor: Hehehe. [laughing]

MC Adore: ?

Igor: Nothing Wrong, Love.

Shauna: *Peeking from behind* Argh, Igor Loves MC Adore more than Me!

[KK is at the beach]

King Kool: "Time to go diving." [Does a cannonball] "GERONIMO!!!' [Swims with a school of fish underwater]

[Cut to Sophie and Preston jetskiing past by Igor]

Sophie: "Hey Igor!"

Preston: "We're jetskiing!"

Sophie: "Wanna come along?"

Preston: "It will be fun!"

[Suddenly, a flying fish hits Preston in the face and knocks him out]

Preston: "SOPHIE!"

[Sophie stops the jetski]

Sophie: "Preston, what happened?"

Preston: "Something fishy is going on here!"

Sophie: "I'll save you!"

[Sophie turns around and stops by Preston and picks him up]

Preston: "Thanks!"

[KK swims back to shore]

King Kool: "Is that a jet ski? Hey, I see a figure. It's orange, it has a yellow bow... It's Sophie!"

Sophie: "I knew it was you!"

[They return to shore and hop off their jet ski]

Preston: (points to MC Adore) "She must be very hot like a desert!"

Sophie: "Preston, wait! I thought I was your girlfriend." [stops Preston]

Preston: "Oh, sorry."

Sophie: "It's OK. We can still like other people even though you and me are together."

Preston: "I already know that!"

[Kool continues swimming underwater]

Igor: Hm.

[Igor walks towards MC Adore]

Igor: go to my room please.

[cut to room 103]

[Igor opens the door]

Igor: so, i began playing tomodachi life, which is the game this show is based on, and i compared sophie and preston's Love on the game. It said They were the worst match ever. i disagree.

MC Adore: Okay!

[MC Adore Jumps into Igor]

MC Adore: So..

Igor: Ugh. MC Adore, Please. No! Shauna can come here--

[Shauna opens the door and saw MC Adore and Igor on Igor's Bed]

MC Adore: Is she your girlfriend?

Igor: Yep.

Shauna: We Passed trough that berfore.

Igor: i can have you both as my girlfriends?

Shauna: Okay...

MC Adore: *sigh* thats fine.