Sophie the Otter is an anthropomorphic orange otter who is a PB&J Otter OC. She is an intelligent hero who helps other islanders survive.


  • Origin: Lake Hoohaw
  • Gender: Female
  • Voiced by: Jenell Brook Slack (in the Supernanny: The Theory games), Kayla (GoAnimate voice)


  • Sweetheart: Preston Evergreen (from Sylvanian Families)
  • Best Friend: WilliamWill2343
  • Other Friends: Peanut Otter, Baby Butter Otter, Jelly Otter, Roobear Koala, Laura Koala, Patty Rabbit, Bobby Bear, etc.

Favorite FoodsEdit

  • Best Food: Anything healthy
  • All-Time Favorite Food: Fishicles
  • Favorite Foods: PB&J Sandwiches, Pizza, Chicken Nuggets, etc.
  • All-Time Least Favorite Food: Liver
  • Worst Food: Any sour food