Episode 2 of Season 1 of A New Life (TV Series)


Today is the day when Shauna and other girls start Delievering Mails around the Island!

While some of the Boys are Busy.


Igor Luan as Igor

Jo Armeniox as Shauna

Paul as KingKool720

Kayla as Sophie the Otter

Steph Lynn Robinson as Patty Rabbit

Tara Strong as Holly and Bonnie Wagner

rainbow dash as herself

derpy as herself

ia as himself

fluttershy as herself


[Shauna Wakes up]

Shauna: Today's the Day!

Elijah: [On a Caculator] What could this mean today?

[A digital alarm clock reads "6:00 AM" It beeps and I stop it from beeping]

Me: "Rise and shine. To me."

Shauna: Everybody go to the Backyard!

[After Everybody goes to Backyard]

Shauna: Today is the Day when i Start Delievering Mail!