Preston Evergreen

How he appears in the cartoon

Preston Evergreen is one of the sons of the Evergreen Family from the 1987 DiC cartoon Sylvanian Families (based on the toyline of the same name, which is now called Calico Critters in North America). He is the boyfriend of Sophie the Otter.


  • Origin: The Sylvanian Forest
  • Gender: Male
  • Voiced By: Jacob Ewaniuk (replacing Michael Fantini)


  • Sweetheart: Sophie the Otter
  • Best Friends: Igor, Elijah, Patty Rabbit, Bobby Bear, Rusty Wildwood, Grover Chestnut
  • Other Friends: Roobear, Laura, Billy, Bonnie, Holly, and Kevin

Favorite FoodsEdit

  • Best Food: Anything containing honey (since bears like honey)
  • All-Time Favorite Food: Candy and other Junk Food
  • Favorite Foods: Pizza, Ice Cream, and anything else kids like
  • All-Time Least Favorite Food: Liver
  • Worst Food: Brussel Sprouts and any other greens


Preston is a class clown and is very funny. He always tries to cheer people up with humorous talents. His corny jokes can make Sophie a bit annoyed, but still appreciate it nonetheless. He is also very loyal, daring, and occasionally sarcastic.