A TV Series by MegaToon1234 and Igor the Mii 

Plot of the SeriesEdit

Each Episode is 1 day of the Show, See What happens on Wikia Island!


Season 1 (32 Episodes)Edit

1.A New Life! (Episode)

2.Shauna's Mail

3 (part 1).When the Dust Bunnies Came to Wikia Island

3 (part 2).Can't Decide Which Girlfriend...Igor?

4.Scheer on the Loose

5.Elijah's Sweetheart

6.Smash Tourament

7.Igor, Shauna and MC Adore's Date

8.Fever Outbreak

9.The Happy Tree Friends Arrived!

10.Pizza Competition

11.Victory at Finest

12.Igor's Delivery

13.Expand Land

14.2 Week Celebration

15. Hello, Recess Gang!

16. Preston's Wackiest Fad

17.Jealous Problem

18.Child From Dimensions (Crossover with chickery neat series by igor.)

19.Redux Team Go!

20.Legend's Flare

Igor's: Note: Episode 30 is a 2 part episode, So Episode 31 is part 2 of Episode 30.